Wednesday, April 16, 2014

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Bryce Canyon NP - Summer 


Zion NP - Famous Narrows 


Maricos Mesa - Utah

Shulem Alaichem!


Does the Creator have fingerprints?

Does the Holy one, His name is Blessed, have a finger?

When I chose the name for this website it was named with the sensation that came to my mind when I saw the lined petrified dunes in Canyon lands or Zion National Park.

G-d’s Fingerprints could be seen everywhere, from a single molecule or a cell to the endless space, but no other place resembles gigantic fingerprints like in the region of United States called by some, G-d’s Playground.

The Colorado plateau is spread along a few states: Colorado, Utah, Arizona and Nevada.

Cut by the Colorado River, this area contains the most breathtaking beauty on this planet.

Grand Canyon, Zion, Bryce, Capitol Reef, Arches, Escalante, Canyon lands, Natural Bridges.  That’s only some of the places located between Rocky and Sierra Nevada Mountains. But those are not only the names; those are the vehicles for our use and one of the greatest gifts from our Creator, and that’s sense of beauty.

Just to see the places listed above would take at least a few weeks if not months. I invite you to see three major of them. Grand Canyon, Zion and Bryce National Parks with some special features on the way. Those locations are close to each another and just two hours time away from the airport.

Within a few days you will have the great opportunity to experience and see the things that are shown on IMAX screens for real!!

You will have the ability to drive through the wilderness in the comfort of an upgraded and full-size SUV. Take the cameras and lots of memory cards, the pictures that you take will be counted by thousands.

In addition you will have the opportunity to: ride a horse or a mule, take a ride on a boat across Lake Powell, or fly over the Canyons and mountains.

This great adventure is waiting for you, now the decision is yours!

For more information please click on the other pages.


Bryce Canyon NP - Winter 


Goosenecks of San Juan River SP 


Hoodoos near Hole in the Rock Trial



What is it that I recommend you to do? Is this just another form of vacation?

You may as well treat it like one  and certainly, this trip would give you what every vacation should, rest from daily routine, and detachment from reality where necessity is dominating whatever you do.

We need some rest from time to time not only for body relaxation but also to air out our mind, shake of the shell of crust separating us from what we would like to be,  Erleche Yiden, honest and devoted Jews.

Our Jewish calendar is the primary virtue of achieving such level but not only one. 

Many go to Eretz Israel with the hope to breathe an air of refreshing spiritual chambers. Some even go visiting kevurim of our holly Rabbis and Tzadikim recollecting their deeds and teachings.

They do all of this with hopes of a break-trough and to bring the altar of life, which we, ourselves  desire to be but not necessarily is that who we are.

However there is more means to achieve this praiseworthy goal. 

One of the means for our Neshuma to travel upward, is to reflect upon creation. It bring us closer to our Maker and Father, it teaches us humility by showing how small we truly are compared to the rest of creation, and yet we are significant.

The Torah teaches us about our Creator, it represents, so to say, His Character. The Torah is the blueprint for the creation, Chazal teaches us so.

In the links on the left, you could find some of the quotes’ from rabbinic literature bringing this valuable tool to our attention.

This tour will give you an opportunity to achieve many goals: rest from all the pressure of daily life, a spiritual uplift, a draught of the refreshing mountain air, and walks that are activities serving not only your eyes but also rest of the body.

All of this in an environment desired by millions but accessed only by those who know where to go.


Zion NP - Kolob Canyon  


Escalante NM - My Screen Wallpaper :)


Grosvenor Arch - Near Cottonwood Road



The first question is why you need a guide at all? You could come to an airport rent a car and go, and save money. Some could do it this way, but even for an experienced traveler it takes days, if not weeks to plan such trip efficiently.

A benefit of a guide can help you admire views which millions of people come to see from all around the world. With the right person guiding you, you will see some places which millions of people would like to visit, but they don’t know how to get there or some don’t even know these places exist.

Five days, three National Parks and endless desert between them. If you get lost, your best choice may be spending the night in the desert; worst, you might have to walk the desert for a couple of days… through the mountains.

I’m not trying to scare you. That’s how it really is! However there is more  about hiring the right guide.

The guide will clarify:

   -    What you see.

   -    Where you are.

   -    What kind of rock is surrounding you.

   -    Is it volcanic or sedimentary.

   -    How to behave in case of seeing wild animals

   -   What kind of people  live in the area, among them native Americans.

   -   Why is the name of the place Zion.

   -   Why some of the majestic rocks are named after Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob?

   -   Etc, etc.

There will be enough talking and explaining for five days of being together.

In addition to site seeing I could arrange horseback riding, rafting, or even a helicopter flight over the Canyon.

For these things you will pay directly to the companies or individuals providing these services.







Bryce Canyon NP - Natural Bridge - Summer 


Gan Eden? :) - Henry Mountains - Utah 


Bryce canyon NP - Waterfall - Summer 



The best time to go is when you desire to go. That’s why we operate year round. You could take the basic five days trip or extended it to a one week trip which includes Shabos.

There is also a two weeks trip option, if you wish. Within those two weeks we will help you visit majority of the most visited National Parks in the World, Including Arizona’s Grand Canyon, Utah’s  Zion , Bryce, Escalante, Capitol Reef, Arches, Canyonland, Dinosaur NM, and Wyoming’s Grand Teton and the legendary Yellowstone NP.

The amount of time that you desire to spend in each of these places is entirely your decision. I will offer you a general framework of the trip and give you suggestions about how to efficiently use your time.  


All three parks are open year round.

Visitors choose different seasons for different reasons.

The Summer could be extremely hot in some places but that’s the season when most people come to visit those Parks.

Some people choose Winter time for its different kind of beauty.

In fact the dry cold air of the high desert is not so troublesome like on the east side of the United States.

Some of the roads are closed Winter time, like in the case of dirt roads.

If crowds of people don’t make any difference to you, Summer is fine.

If you have time in the Winter it is an excellent time to go there.

Spring and Autumn are beautiful by its nature.

However… no body gives a guarantee for the weather, so pray for the best.  


Bryce Canyon NP - Natural Bridge - Winter 


Zion NP - Virgin River 


Bryce Canyon NP - Waterfall - Winter  



You will start your journey from one of NY’s airports one early morning on Sunday and land in Las Vegas five hours later. We will not stay in that city.

In a little bit more than two hours after picking up the luggage we will be close to the places where we aim to go.

There is no fixed route to keep on. It will depend how much time we will spend in each place. On your way you will be guided about what you  see and how long  of a drive or walk the  voyage will be, but you will decide how to divide your time between major locations which we are aiming to visit.e

We will spend the nights in towns like Hurricane, Tropic, Page and Flagstaff where we will find quality and affordable lodging. Every night in a different place.

It is possible to stay in one or two places but the time spend in the car will be longer. The route may depend sometimes from the weather or other circumstances.

Our trip will end on Thursday afternoon.

You will be back at home late Thursday so prepare your Shabbos  before, you will be tiered but filled with emotions bringing you high to meet the day of rest and spiritual enjoyment.

The trip starts Sunday. Half of the day it takes to get to Las Vegas. Thanks to two hours of time change it is still afternoon there. There is still almost half of the day to make a couple of stops at sites.

The standard route will be:

-         One day in Zion National Park

-         One day in Bryce Canyon National park and some surprising beautiful sites

-         One day North rim of Grand Canyon NP ( only `till late November )

-         One or two days of south rim Grand Canyon NP

The trip will take five days, four nights. 




Zion NP - Near Checkerboard Mesa


Escalante NM - Natural Arches Walk 


Burr Trial  



Form the middle of May up till late November it will be possible to stay in one place for all four nights. If we do stay in one motel, we will not be visiting the southern rim of the Grand Canyon.

We will still visit all the three National Parks. We will however visit perhaps the most gorgeous side, North Rim of the Grand Canyon and some National Monuments and State parks of dazzling magnificence.

To see it all you need a guide that will lead you around those places. Unfortunately a GPS is not enough to assist us for we will use some dirt roads unknown to those devices, and sometimes those roads are not even on the map.

We will travel trough Escalante National Monument were the status of the park and the roads is unsolved which causes the GPS and maps to be almost worthless. A GPS will also not provide you with all the information and amazing stories about the places you will visit.

It’s possible to extend your trip and be in this magnificent part of the country for another few days. Spending Shabos in this extraordinary environment can be an experience of its own.

 It’s easy to arrange such a trip; all you have to do is tell me where you would prefer to be. There are basically three possibilities. You could choose to spend Shabos away in the mountains, and I will arrange a mountain cabin near Zion NP.

Or you would like to spend this time in Flagstaff AZ. In Flagstaff there is Bays Chabad lead by Rabbi Shapiro. Although not every Shabos can a minian be found. We would have to make arrangements with Rabbi Shapiro regarding this issue.

You might also choose to spend Shabos in Las Vegas. There are a few Batey Medroshim in the city in quiet and modest neighborhoods.

All options including part of Thursday and Friday would give you more time to enjoy the stay and some more activities. You would be dropped off at LV air port at Sunday noon.

The cost of this option various depending on the number of people participating and you’re your choice of the option, however it wouldn’t be a significant increase form the basic price of the trip.

Other arrangements are also possible. 


Escalante NM - Cottonwood Canyon Road 


Zion NP - View from the Lava point 


Bryce Canyon NP - Navajo Loop  

PERSONAL               matys.jpg 

My Name is Matys.

Some of you may know me for different reasons.

I have traveled across United States for many years and I have visited many amazing and breathtaking sites.

So here came the idea; to utilize something that I love and therefore know about.

This idea is to take people and show them the still fresh fingerprints of the Creator Himself in the places where we could admire Him more and build a stronger relationship towards Him.

This activity is much less profitable than my prior one but it gives me full enjoyment in doing what is right and what may give fruit in an other exceptional way.

I have been in most of these places many times and seen more with each time.

I was also in the most visited places on this planet, but turning the car to uninhabited deserts where one can enjoy solitude with the Holy One is an experience on its own.

Mountains, deserts, rivers and lakes, animated and unanimated nature.

All of this is a direct testimony of its Builder.

This Love of the outdoors where Man can have a possibility of admiring Maasey Bereyshis – The art of Creation and my knowledge, rare within the frum community, allows me to provide you with services unachievable by others. With understanding your specific needs I can show you all that I saw and what millions of people from all around the world come to see, without compromising yours principals.

You wont be lost on you way, either geographically, or spiritually.

Due to the fact that I spend lots of my time on those roads, trials, and paths you don’t have to be worried about being lost, spending time visiting insignificant sites, or overpaying to people who focus only on you wallet.

Your time and money are too precious to waste.

Let me take you on the journey of your life.



Escalante NM - Hoodoos - Burr Trial


Escalante NM - Badlands - Burr Trial 


Bryce Canyon NP - Navajo Loop  



This is always a hard topic to talk about. We will try to make it as easy as possible.

All  ground traveling within five days, including lodging, car, driver, guide, National Parks fees, gasoline, and some other fees are included in the price of:

1 person         -   $   3.000,00

2 people         -   $   1.600,00 per person

3 people         -   $   1.350,00 per person

4 people         -   $   1.150,00 per person

5 people         -   $   1.050,00 per person

6 people         -   $   950,00 per person

More than 6 people will have to switch from SUV to van. We will be not able to use some of the roads with a van, but there’s still a lot to see.

7 people        -   $   850.00 per person

8 people        -   $   800.00 per person

9 people        -   $   750.00 per person

10 people      -   $   700.00 per person

From May to September, the average price may increase up to $200 more per person, due to the season.

If you decide not take your own food, we will provide it for you for an additional $200 per person.

A seven days trip will cost approximately $350 - $500 more per person.

The two weeks option is just double of the basic price.

For example if you chose to go as a group of six people at summer time it will be:

$950 (5 days) + $200 (season increase) = 1150 + $200 (food) = $1350

If you will stay for Shabos add $350 = $1700 per person.

A two weeks summer trip for six persons, will cost approximately $2600 per person

Air travel arrangements can be done by us for no additional charge. 

You may still wonder - how can we keep our prices so low? Are we cutting corners by putting you in cheap motels or other wise? No! CH-SH!

The secret of our prices, which are below of comparable routes and services of the mass tourism is very simple. There’s no middleman involved. We have a family operated business. Not only will your trip be crafted to yours needs and possibilities but you will pay less for costumed and personalized treatment.

No buses filled with strangers. No others to wait for. No pushing and hustle. Just you, your spouse, family or friends.


Zion NP Kolob Canyon 


Bryce Canyon NP - Winter 


Capitol Reef NP - Waterfall on Fremont River


Why should you not go with me?

Services provided by me are intended for sensitive people with uplifting sense of beauty who like to see and experience Creation – sometimes at its moment. You can get all of this without compromising your principals. You will also experience a detailed explanation with every phase and feature on the trip.

However if a Canyon is just a hole in the earth to you and a waterfall is water flushed down the cliff - stay Home, this kind of adventure is not for you.

If your went to be squished in the wheeled colorful cages called “Adventure Vehicles” look for colorful brochures in your Las Vegas Hotel, there is more than plenty of them, but know that I will not participate.

If “Adventure in a Capsule” is what you’re looking for, rather go to Disneyland and take a ride on a rollercoaster and see the IMAX film about the Grand Canyon.

If you have enough money to pay every time a guide or driver puts the “gun” to you head somewhere in the middle of the desert and asks you for more money with an explanation that “this” was not included – I’m not for you.

If you think that a GPS is good enough to guide you trough those places, I wish you good luck and advise you to take double the amount of time to see what I offer within the time limit of my trip.

If you have patience to listen to explanations how everything took place millions of years ago without the possibility of learning the other point of view, closer to our believes – take some official guide and hear what his religion called “Evolution” have to present to you.

But if you want to save time and money and if your ready to learn about those great and most beautiful and breathtaking places – I’m there for you.

I’m ready to provide an unforgettable time of not only seeing the creation but learning about it and achieving new levels of our attachment to the Creator of all. 



We have all necessary rules in the Shulchan Aruch.

If we will keep to them, it would be gantz git J.

However there are a few more rules to consider:

- Being where you have to be, when you have to be there. On time!

- We make appointments by ourselves so there is no pressure from my side.

- Treating the car as your own.

- Be organized at all times

- Sharing your enjoyment with others.